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TrustJ Events, first debuted in October 2020 in New York City at the wedding of CEO, Tiffany Adjei. She did the floor wraps for her own bridal shower, traditional marriage, and her wedding reception alongside her staff. It was honestly not her intention to get into the business but when she contacted a vendor to actually do her dance floor wrap they read her message and did not reply her until two weeks after her wedding. Due to this incident, she started to research how to do the floor wraps herself and was prompted to begin the journey to form her LLC in June 2020. In the height of an international pandemic, Tiffany was still highly encouraged to start her business and showcase her newfound talent within the event industry. TrustJ Events, provides dance floor wrapping services with distinct monograms and decals to enhance the look of your event. A dance floor wrap can truly change the aesthetic of an event space and really bring the look together.

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Dance Floor Wrapping

TrustJ Events is interested in adding a touch of beauty to your events flooring, which can truly amplify your decorations, backdrops, florals, and overall event design. By doing so, your event color(s) and theme, are taken into consideration for choosing monogram decals for your dance floor wrap. 


What our client says


“Tiffany did such an amazing job with our floor wrap for our wedding. We transformed our original space and her flawless design and application made the decor come together beautifully. She had all her ducks in a row and gave us a stress free experience. All of our family members and friends who celebrated with us have expressed their love for her work. In addition to her amazing designs, she is a sweetheart and a great person at heart. So glad that she was a part of our special day! I highly recommend Tiffany and her team!”

Signed Kofi & Cindy (Groom and Bride)


“ Starting with the color of the wrap and it matching the theme of the wedding and outfit for it helped everything look amazing and go along just exactly as we wanted it. It not being slippery or not laid down on the ground anyhow but neatly was also a big bonus that I really admired.
You guys bringing it in and taking your time to make sure everything looked amazing is a huge reason why I would recommend this brand to someone else as you take your job serious and make sure you do it properly.
It was a pleasure doing business with you guys and we look forward to again in the future
But to end this we the Agyekums (Patrick and Tiwaa) would like to thank you very much for helping bring our vision to life.”

Bride and Groom


“ The best decision I made on my engagement party was choosing Trust J to change the dance floor color from black to white. It looked amazing and matched my whole theme with the purple initials for me and my fiancé.”



“TrustJEvents did my dance floor on my special day 11/14/2020. Delivery was on point.”

Citizen Kofi (Groom) and Patience (Bride)

Frequently Asked Questions

-Removable vinyl, it can be glossy or matte

-Glossy, matte, chrome, and foil texture

-A dance floor can only be priced with the size of the event space dance floor.

-Not at this time. But there are rental companies we can refer who can provide it.

-Yes, as long as the rental company allows it we can do it.

-No, however, we have partners who can assist in graphic work if required but it will be an additional cost.

– Yes, however, please ensure the graphic work is in the original (Ai file version) for clear printing.

-Yes, if the venue is in Westchester County and New York City, there is a consultation fee which is also deductible from the overall cost upon contract signing.

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